Ambienta tu casa con los diseños más atemorizantes para este Halloween


Manos a la Obra no se ha olvidado de una fech amuy escalofriante para miuchos y devertida en eneral, pues hablamos de Halloween, día donde muchos decoran sus casas con interesantes cosas que ambientan la casa con la temática festiva, si quieres que tu casa no este fuera de la festividad, mira estos bonitos ejemplos para decorar.

Up your curb appeal with this ghoulish decoration: Spray-paint a 16-inch grapevine wreath black. Then glue on a few twigs from the yard, making sure they follow the same direction. Add a mini pumpkin, plastic spiders or cobwebs as an extra scare tactic. See more at Good Housekeeping »

Good witch or bad, this simple silhouette comes courtesy of a free template. Don't forget the sparkly stars that complete the airborne illusion. Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping »

Darken your door with a moldering wreath straight from the crypt. Craft it fast with ebony flowers, a stuffed raven, bone-white branches, and a gnarled grapevine base. See more at Good Housekeeping »

Why stop at the front door? Extend a cloud of bats across the porch and into the entryway for an even bigger statement. Get the tutorial at Country Living »

This easy wall hanging only requires a few ingredients — a foam wreath form, black yarn, and decorating spiders and crows. See more at Good Housekeeping »

Spray-painted flowers plus a singular white bloom look sharp and sinister atop a ribbon-wrapped wreath. Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue »

Use a square base (or picture frame!) for an angular arrangement of fall foliage. Added bonus: You can leave this festive decoration up through Thanksgiving. Get the tutorial at Country Living »

This wicked wall hanging requires only a few ingredients — a grapevine wreath, black spray paint, Spanish moss and the crow, of course. Get the tutorial at Bloglovin' »

Halloween gets the monochrome treatment with a sleek craft made from party streamers. Just snip, fold and pin for a textured accent. Get the tutorial at Country Living »

Spell out the season's greetings (or a scary "eek!") with cut-out letters. Get the tutorial at Chicken Scratch NY »

You'll need a lot of ping-pong balls, but the scary mass of watching eyes will be so worth it. Get the tutorial at No. 2 Pencil »

An excuse to use glitter is the best excuse of all. Take a little inspiration from the night sky and use a shimmery black. Get the tutorial at The Pinning Mama »

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